Our Mission

To increase students' interest, achievement,
career intentions and success in health care and other STEM fields by engaging them in hands-on, problem-solving, team-building field experiences, coupled with an intensive program of theoretical and practical scientific knowledge.


Our Curriculum...

Teaches the core of human biology on the platform of healthcare.

Exposes students to STEM fields through the lens of medical science.

Immerses students in realistic, dynamic team-based problem solving exercises.

Motivates students to think critically, be reflective and apply classroom knowledge.

Inspires a desire for further education and training in STEM and health careers professions.




Mr. Owumi, a 2009 participant of MEDscience, is now a clinical research assistant at Boston Children's Hospital.

He graduated from Colby College in 2014 with a major in biochemistry and a minor in education.

He believes MEDscience is the opportunity that allowed him to truly believe that one day he can become a doctor. He is currently applying to medical school and we are excited for the next steps in his bright future!

We wanted to share this wonderful video Dexter Southfield made of their experiences throughout the semester with HMS MEDscience Spring 2015.

It has already received over 7,200 hits and counting! 

We think it captures our mission and we have really enjoyed our time with these students!

MEDscience Advisory Board Updates

•    Tina Grotzer PhD, formerly on the Board has agreed to officially join our team as Director of Educational Research.

•    Joining the Board: 
Ann Koufman-Frederick, PhD, educational consultant and former Superintendent of Watertown Public Schools;
Lisa Franks, former parent
Nancy Adams, former parent
Chris Calahan, former volunteer teacher and HMS student Class of 2018.
•    Leading the West Coast Branch of the Advisory Board are Dr. Bita
H. Nasseri
, MEDscience presenter and parent, Obstetric Anesthesiaologist, University of  Southern California; Dr. Shawn Nasseri, HMS MEDscience presenter and parent, Otolaryngologist, Ceders-Sinai Med Center Los Angeles

•    Leading the MidWest Branch of the Advisory Board is Dr. Ada Kumar, Radiologist, Oak Brook, Illinois

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MEDscience Program Announcements

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Nancy Oriol, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and serial social entrepreneur, is here to challenge you to reflect on your own personal journey from doing, to learning, to acquiring wisdom, to giving attention, to seeing what needs to be done, and in doing so, finding your own pathways to service that could emerge from within you in your chosen field.